Sometimes, it really is the gas
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Sometimes, it really is the gas

We sometimes hear car makers blame car problems on the type of fuel being used by the consumer.

It is hardly ever true in our experience, but every once in awhile maybe it is.

BP is recall fuel being sold in northwest Indiana because it is "bad" BP announced yesterday.

Regular unleaded fuel out of the BP Whiting, Indiana, storage facility apparently has been causing hard starting, stalling and other "driveability problems" for BP customers during the last week.

By the end of the day Monday, August 20, BP had shut down the pumps at its stations in the area and the fuel recall was announced. You can learn more at this link by clicking here.

Fuel damage to cars affected by the bad gas is reportedly between $200 and $400. Might be wise to steer clear of the BP sign for awhile.

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