Websites: The Judiciary and the Supreme Court
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Websites: The Judiciary and the Supreme Court

The judiciary of England and Wales have a website. It is well worth a look. You will find out a great deal of information about the judiciary. The website also contains links to many judgments and official reports.

When asked in a quiz - "What is the highest court in the land" the answer always was "The House of Lords." A more legalistic answer would have been - "The Appellate Committee of the House of Lords." This is no longer the correct answer! Since October 2009, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has come into being and has taken over the judicial role previously held by the House of Lords. Unlike its illustrious predecessor, the new court is far more media friendly and keeps its own website. Have a look. It is interesting.

- Appointment Of The Next Lord Chief Justice Of England And Wales Announced
Downing Street has formally announced the appointment of Sir John Thomas as the next Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales Announcement and BBC 16th July.  'Her Majesty The Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment of The Rt Hon Sir...

- The Queen's Speech 8th May 2013 And The State Opening Of Parliament
In a 92 page pdf document  the government has published details of the Queen's Speech 2013.  The document sets out not only the speech itself but contains background details to the various Bills and policies referred to in the speech. ...

- Lord Dyson To Be Master Of The Rolls
Lord Dyson - presently a Justice of the Supreme Court - will become Master of the Rolls on 1st October 2012 - Announcement from No. 10.   This is an ancient office but, in modern times, the Master of the Rolls presides over the Court of Appeal...

- No More "law Lords" Or "law Ladies"
Sir John Dyson, the 12th Justice of the Supreme Court , will not be elevated to the peerage.  All the others are peers because they had sat previously in the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords.  Some might see this as either unnecessary...

- 12th Justice Of The Supreme Court
Lord Justice Dyson has been appointed to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom with effect from 13th April - see Downing Street. As a result of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, the Supreme Court came into being in October 2009 to replace the House...

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