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The European Arrest Warrant - an arrested development.

Tribunals: A Major Reform is now well under way

Websites: The Judiciary and the Supreme Court

Two documents: A manifesto for justice and the Jackson Report on Costs in Civil Cases

Murder: a whole spectrum of conduct

Diverse systems of law

Children and the law: No.1 - The Edlington Case

Not Guilty Guv'nor: Britain and a Ghost from the Colonial Past

Nothing to hide: nothing to fear. Iraq; Dr. Kelly and Lord Hutton

R v Gilderdale: Attempted Murder and Assisted Suicide

So, was the war lawful?

Supreme Court quashes Orders against Taliban and Al Qaida

Joint enterprise murder

The right to bail: Is it disappearing or being whittled down?

Legal Aid shambles: Chilcot: European Arrest Warrants

Do we need a written constitution?

Is this the way to do it?

Money, money, money ....

Terrorist Assets: that which was legally void will be made valid

Outrage !! Unelected Euro Judges trampling on our democracy !

Want to be an EU citizen? Show me the money!

What if a refugee allegedly supports terrorism? The CJEU judgment in T

Abducted child found in Europe and returned to her father

LASPO - Part 3 Chapters 2 to 8

Is it identity theft or is it bank robbery --- and whose fault is it?

Contributory negligence ~ Supreme Court decision

Scotland ~ A note on the Human Rights Act and the Sewel Convention

Court Cancels Sale of Haunted House

Why we need human rights (4) - Gender ~ Civil Parnerships and Marriage

Roundup ~ Friday 23rd August

Parents Rights in Public Schools- Sixteen Rights (And Counting) Which Parents May Not Know They Have

Lord Neuberger - Speech to the Judicial Studies Board - "Open Justice Unbound?"

Integration Requirements for family reunion: the CJEU limits Member States? discretion

A matter of contempt

More back-slapping than soul-searching: The European Commission?s reflections on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The EU response to migrant deaths: protection and prevention ? or policy laundering?

Tarakhel v Switzerland: Another nail in the coffin of the Dublin system?

Defence of property: what is permissible?

The Public Interest ~ who should decide?

English Land Law - No.2 - Types of fee simple: settlements and co-ownership

The Downton Abbey entail ....

Reporting Restrictions in Criminal Courts

Delphi Gets Away With Cooking the Books

Undue lenience and a seriously cruel act

Home Affairs Committee threatens use of contempt powers

The right to be heard in immigration and asylum cases: the CJEU moves towards a definition

Nothing Fair About the "Fair Arbitration Act"

Appealing A School Expulsion: When Does Filing Make Sense?

Costs: "Bordering on Despair"