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The European Arrest Warrant - an arrested development.

Tribunals: A Major Reform is now well under way

Websites: The Judiciary and the Supreme Court

Two documents: A manifesto for justice and the Jackson Report on Costs in Civil Cases

Murder: a whole spectrum of conduct

Diverse systems of law

Children and the law: No.1 - The Edlington Case

Not Guilty Guv'nor: Britain and a Ghost from the Colonial Past

Nothing to hide: nothing to fear. Iraq; Dr. Kelly and Lord Hutton

R v Gilderdale: Attempted Murder and Assisted Suicide

So, was the war lawful?

Supreme Court quashes Orders against Taliban and Al Qaida

Joint enterprise murder

The right to bail: Is it disappearing or being whittled down?

Legal Aid shambles: Chilcot: European Arrest Warrants

Do we need a written constitution?

Is this the way to do it?

Money, money, money ....

Terrorist Assets: that which was legally void will be made valid

R v Frances Inglis: considerations far removed from ordinary murder

View from Strasbourg ~ Paul Mahoney

It's in the bag ....!

Suspension or Expulsion For Profanity At School? It's Supposed To Be Habitual

Lord Greville Janner ~ Procedure in criminal cases

Do we need a written constitution?

Toyota: "We did nothing wrong but we'll pay $32.4 million more if the US stops investigating what we didn't do"

Retrospective law-making - is it catching on?

Speaking to witnesses in court ~ CPS Consultation

"Let them hate as long as they fear"

National Consumer Protection Week, Day Four

The Pro and Con of Class Action Cases

Rights also entail responsibilities ...

Massive Dometic Rv Refrigerator Recalls

The Court of Public Opinion: Governmental Possibilities

(1) Courtesy Titles - (2) Lord Kilmuir - (3) "Drugalysers" - (4) Human rights and media comment

Ford Escape Transmission Troubles Mount Up

Special Education Basics: "We Don't Have Those Here" Is Not A Legal Reason To Deny Special Education Services

Rusty Toyota's Being Investigated

School Districts Must Revise IEP Annually Or They May Not Be Providing A Free And Appropriate Education

Disgusting School Bathrooms? Missing Toilet Paper Or Soap? Contact The Office Of Public School Construction

Integration requirements for third-country nationals: the first CJEU ruling

Drugs and Driving

Model T: a MPG Champ

The difference between torture and other ill-treatment: Cestaro v. Italy and the ?prohibited purpose? requirement

The Hillsborough Disaster - April 1989 - the search for information continues

Anna Nicole: A Model for Bad Estate Planning

Prosecutions - just when are they in the Public Interest

Whole life terms for murder - Vinter and others v UK

The Four Letter Word in Special Education: "BEST"